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    General Skilled Migration is one of the most common forms of migration to Australia. People all around the world are attracted to Australia for job opportunities and high living standards.


    Types of General Skilled Migration Visas

    – Australia Visa subclass 189

    If you wish to apply under this visa category, your occupation should be on MLTSSL and you must meet the minimum points’ criteria for this visa category. It doesn’t need sponsorship by a relative or state/territory government/employer.

    – Australia Visa Subclass 190

    This is a permanent residence visa which requires nomination by a state or territory government agency. You may apply under this category, if your occupation is either on MLTSSL or STSOL and you have received state nomination from one of the Australian states. You must also meet the eligibility points’ criteria for this visa subclass. Once approved, you are required to migrate to the state that nominated you for the visa.

    – Australia Visa Subclass 489

    This is a temporary, regional 4 year visa leading to a permanent residence in Australia.Under this provisional visa, the visa holder can live only in certain areas of Australia. Sponsorship by an Australian relative living in designated area, or by a state or territory government is required to get this visa.

    How We Work?

    Australia is one of the countries in the world that offers quick and result-oriented visa processing systems.Our visa consultants are equipped with technological resources and information and they can easily help you settle abroad. With a wide range of visa applications and immigration options, our experts can help you explore the best customized options so that you can migrate to Australia without any hassle. We review each application thoroughly and hold various consultation meetings with clients where we resolve their queries and provide answers to their questions.


    Why Hire Our Services?

    We know each case is unique, that is why we make sure to analyse and fulfil our client’s visa requirements to the best of our interests. Get ready to benefit from the knowledge and guidance of our visa consultants in Overseas Migration Services.If you need some general information on your current visa requirement or need a helping hand for preparing documents, we can help. Contact our visa consultants, they will make sure you’re eligible to apply for a visa and move to the country you want to. We are proud to provide a range of visa consultant services. So that our clients can build their careers and move in the right direction.